Leveraging our expertise to create unique value proposals that facilitate the transition to a more sustainable future, we invest in the development, construction, and operation of sustainable infrastructure assets, one of the fastest-growing investment markets

Power Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Partnership

We operate a leading North American-focused renewable energy platform with 1GW of utility-scale and distributed capacity in operation. Through our two operating platforms—Nautilus Solar and Potentia Renewables—we have access to a dedicated team of over 100 in-house professionals to oversee the development, construction, financing and operation of renewable energy assets.

Nautilus Solar

Our value proposal is defined by three key principles

Seasoned team
with proven
track record

Extensive experience in
putting together premier
and multidisciplinary
renewable energy teams
from the ground up.


Involved approach leading
to insightful investment
Proprietary deal flow of
organic growth projects
and add-on acquisitions.
Ability to acquire single,
underinvested or challenged
assets due to in-house expertise.

Established and
visible capital

Secured and defined capital
deployment in a variety of
renewable energy projects.
Significant capital required to
continue the development and
construction of owned assets
with high-quality PPAs.

Our market segments


Community solar is the
fastest growing niche in the
U.S. solar market, and is
expected to more than
double in the next 5 years.
We are uniquely positioned in
distributed energy, being one
of the five largest dedicated U.S.
community solar operators.

Utility Scale

Utility scale projects contribute most of
new generating capacity in North America,
fuelled by the governments’ ambitious
renewable energy goals.
Although a competitive market,
our dedicated internal development
and construction teams optimize
the complete value chain.


Energy storage is an inevitable
solution to the intermittency of
solar and wind energy, and a key
component to creating a more
reliable and stable grid.
Market is expected to grow at
a ~20% CAGR through 2040,
fuelled by significant investments
which are set to improve the levelized
cost of energy over time.



Using a high-conviction, fundamentals-based and research-driven investment process, we seek to invest in companies with sustainable business models driving real-world solutions

China Public Equities

Our Shanghai-based team has been investing in China’s multi-decade transformation to an innovation-led economy for over 15 years. Our involvement in China builds on decades of constructive engagement and partnerships, being one of the first non-banking institutions to receive a Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII) Quota in 2005.

Our investment process



Companies with poor liquidity or involvement
in armaments,
tobacco, gambling
or thermal coal are
screened out



is assessed
growth, value,
quality and ESG



2–3 day “answer first”
investment analysis
to evaluate



Deep due diligence
over ~3–4 months
culminating in a
to Investment



Decisions to enter
or exit a stock are based on the gap between market price and our estimate of its
intrinsic value

We focus on a long-term approach to security selection, applying a disciplined methodology to invest in the country’s future, while integrating sustainability factors into our investment decisions.

Our investment philosophy embeds sustainable investing at its core by actively looking
for businesses that demonstrate momentum, a willingness
to engage and leadership in three key areas


Accelerating the transition to a low
carbon economy. Our portfolio
will contribute to decarbonization by
investing in China’s best companies driving
solutions for the planet.

Smart Society

Transitioning to a more
innovative, equitable, better
educated and informed society
is a key goal of China’s 5-year
plan. We invest in firms
contributing to science & innovation.

Quality Growth

We identify companies who
improve the quality of products,
services, supply chains &
community impact while recognizing
that resources are scarce and must
be used efficiently.

Our platform manages USD 1 billion in assets across two proprietary strategies

Core Strategy

We invest in mainland China’s public equity markets with a tilt to capital preservation, providing attractive returns with low levels of volatility. We select a high conviction portfolio based on fundamental research. We look for well-led, high-quality companies that have a competitive edge versus their peers and are aligned with sustainable, long-term trends.

Ascent Strategy

We invest in China’s public equity markets with a dual mandate of financial returns and advancing sustainability returns in accordance with our high-conviction, long-term and fundamentals-based approach. The strategy is fully invested providing high quality exposure for investors looking to benefit from a dedicated China equities allocation as a diversification lever.

Power Sustainable is composed of an investment manager, Power Sustainable Investment Manager, a Canadian corporation that is registered as a portfolio manager and investment fund manager in Ontario and Quebec, an exempt market dealer in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, a registered commodity trading manager in Ontario, and a registered derivatives portfolio manager in Quebec; a registered investment advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission; a qualified foreign institutional investor with China Securities Regulatory Commission; and Power Sustainable (Shanghai) Investment Manager Co., Ltd, a limited liability company organized under the laws of the People’s Republic of China («PRC») that is registered with the Asset Management Association of China as a private fund manager. Power Sustainable is a subsidiary of Power Sustainable Capital, a global sustainability-led alternative asset manager. Power Sustainable is a wholly owned subsidiary of Power Corporation of Canada.

Sustainable Agri-Food Private Equity

Power Sustainable Lios invests in North American mid-market growth companies across the food value chain that support the sustainability transformation occurring within our food system.

Sustainable Direct Investments

Leveraging our strategic relationships, we actively invest in companies driving the change towards a more sustainable world.

Founded in in 2008, Lion Electric Co. believes that the transition to
all-electric vehicles will lead to major improvements for society, the environment, and overall quality of life. Lion, a leader in the electrification of transportation in North America, manufactures zero-emission vehicles, including all-electric school buses, midi/minibus for special needs or urban transit as well as commercial urban trucks.

Founded in 2006, Lumenpulse is an
innovator in the design, development, manufacturing and
distribution of sustainable interior and exterior lighting.
Their wide range of high-performance and easy-to-configure
LED solutions are suitable for commercial and urban
environments, and have been showcased globally in notable
building projects.