Platforms and


Investing in the development, construction, and operations of renewable energy infrastructure assets across North America

Power Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Partnership

We operate a leading North American-focused renewable energy platform with 1GW of utility-scale and distributed capacity in operation. Under our 5-year plan launched in 2021 we seek to develop, build, and operate 2.5GW of utility-scale wind and solar assets and 750MW of U.S. community solar assets. Through our two operating platforms – Nautilus Solar and Potentia Renewables – we have access to a dedicated team of over 100 in-house professionals to oversee the development, construction, financing and operation of renewable energy assets across North America.

Our approach to value creation is distinctively operating-oriented

Developing Greenfield Projects

Building upon an engaged and cohesive approach that leads to effective and insightful investment decision-making, executed through cost-efficient operating platforms

Acquiring High-Quality Renewable Energy Assets

Taking full advantage of underinvested or challenged assets due to in-house expertise

Investing in Community Solar Projects

Buying and developing early-stage community solar projects in the US

Sustainable China

Building on decades of relationships in China to invest in sustainable business models that are instrumental in driving the country’s multi-decade transformation to an innovation-led economy. 

Power Pacific

We invest in Chinese equities using a high-conviction and fundamentals-based research-driven investment process. We seek to invest in companies with sustainable business models that drive real-world solutions, with an emphasis on the following development objectives: Decarbonization, Smart Society and Quality Growth. Our Shanghai-based team has been investing in China’s multi-decade transformation to an innovation-led economy for over 15 years. Our involvement with China builds on more than four decades of constructive engagement and partnerships, being one of the first non-banking institutions to receive a Qualified Institutional Investor Quota in 2005. Our platform is structured as a boutique investment firm that combines a deep appreciation for the integrity of our investment process, the people who make our culture, and best practice governance to responsibly steward our investors’ capital. As of December 31, 2020, the platform managed USD 918 million in assets.

Power Pacific’s edge is its private-equity approach to public market investing

Long-term time horizon

Our focus is on sustainability over the long-term. We invest in businesses that share this goal.

A concentrated portfolio of high-conviction investments

We seek out firms that are helping to lead society to a cleaner, healthier, better living future for China.

Forensic due diligence of corporate citizenship and good governance

We believe that businesses that delivers on this promise in a financially responsible and socially sustainable way will as a result provide an excellent return on capital.

Clean Energy Private Equity

We create long-term value by actively investing in companies driving change towards a more sustainable world. We partner with entrepreneurial management teams and leverage our insights and relationships to build successful companies such as The Lion Electric Company and Lumenpulse™.